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Which CCaaS vendor has the best ChatGPT, AI, and Self-Service for Contact Centers

Five9, NICE, Zoom, Genesys, Talkdesk

ChatGPT, AI, and Self-Service

Which CCaaS vendor has the best ChatGPT, AI, and Self-Service solution for Contact Center

CCaaS Matrix Articial Intelligence Offering: Agent Assist, Agent Coaching (QA), Chat Bot, Personality Routing, Real-time (6/6) (6/6) (6/6) (6/6) (6/6) (6/6) Sentiment Analysis, Voice Bot (IVA) Microsoft Teams Certied: Yes (1/1) (1/1) (1/1) (1/1)  (0/1)  (0/1) link to provider's Genesys Cloud Provider Five9 NICE CXone Talkdesk Zoom LiveVox Pathnder prole (PureCloud) HQ Supplier's headquarters San Ramon, CA Daly City, CA Sandy, UT San Francisco, CA San Jose, CA San Francisco, CA number of in-house # Employees 2,000 5,000 6,500 2,000 7,000 700 employees Year supplier began 1st Year Offering CCaaS offering contact center 2001 2015 1997 2015 2022 1999 services Privately owned or Public / Private Public: FIVN Private Public: NICE Private Public: ZM Public: LVOX publicly traded Can the CCaaS solution be sold without bundling Sold Standalone? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes UCaaS offering (if applicable)? # of seats or MRC Minimum Seat Count / minimum required to 3 seats 30 seats $2,000 MRC 5 seats no minimum $5,000 MRC MRC engage Ideal opportunities for the Sweet Spot 25-8,000 seats 30-1,000 seats 25-5,000+ seats 5-10,000 seats under 1,000 seats 50+ seats provider Named (one for every agent) Concurrent Concurrent (shared Concurrent Concurrent Concurrent (ICB) Concurrent (roadmap) Named Available Pricing Models between agents, i.e. Named working in shifts) Named Named Named Named Usage-Based Usage-Based Usage-Based (pay by hour, per minute, or per chat) How supplier charges per- round up to next full round up to next full bill in 6 second increments r Usage Billing bill in 6 second increments bill in 6 second increments bill in 6 second increments minute usage minute minute (min. 12 seconds) # of concurrent call paths Ports / Call Paths 3 ports unlimited 3 ports 1 port per call path unlimited per agent license Does the supplier offer an in-house UCaaS Native UCaaS Offering experience (i.e. same No Yes No Yes Yes Yes manufacturer / UX / pane of glass)? UCaaS providers who can AT&T, CallTower, CBTS, GoTo, Momentum, UCaaS Resellers No No No No resell the CCaaS solution net2phone RingCentral Brand Embassy, Companies acquired and ContactEngine, GoMoxie, Key Acquisitions integrated into the Virtual Observer (CSI) Interactive Intelligence n/a Solvvy (Conversational AI) Business Phone, SpeechiQ Mattersight, MindTouch, supplier's offering Satmetrix APAC: Melbourne, Tokyo, NA: Denver, Newark, New APAC: Melbourne, Sydney York City, San Jose, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, APAC: Mumbai, Seoul, Toronto, Vancouver, AP Osaka EMEA: Amsterdam, Sydney, Tokyo APAC: Japan, Singapore Virginia Location of supplier's data EMEA: Frankfurt, London, Dublin, Frankfurt, Slough centers Manchester, Munich EMEA: Dublin, Frankfurt, EMEA: Germany, Ireland EMEA: Amsterdam, EM LATAM: São Paulo London Frankfurt APAC: Asia-Pacic LATAM: São Paulo LATAM: Brazil Third-Party: LiveVox is NA: Ashburn (VA), Atlanta, NA: Canada, Ohio, APAC: Hong Kong, hosted on AWS cloud and Datacenter Locations EMEA: Europe, Middle NA: Culpeper, Dallas, Los Chicago, Montreal, Santa Oregon, Virginia NA: Oregon, Virginia Hyderabad, Melbourne, leverages the AWS Cloud NA East, Africa Angeles, Miami, Montreal, Clara, Toronto Mumbai, Osaka, footprint. Toronto Third-Party: Genesys is Third-Party: Talkdesk is Singapore, Sydney, Tianjin, T LATAM: Latin America Third-Party: Five9 is hosted on AWS cloud and hosted on AWS cloud and Tokyo hos UAE: Dubai partially hosted on Google leverages the AWS Cloud leverages the global AWS G NA: North America GCP and leverages the footprint in California, Cloud footprint. LATAM: Queretaro g Africa: South Africa in global GCP footprint in Oregon, Ohio and Virginia. (Mexico), São Paulo PROGRESS Australia, Brazil, Canada, India: in PROGRESS Ireland, and Japan Third Party: AWS

Yes (preferred U.S. carriers are AT&T, Lumen, & Verizon) Yes (Xconnect - 50 seats Additional NRC: Yes min.) Can customer leverage Yes A Yes Yes third-party SIP trunk (min Additional MRC: Yes Additional NRC: Yes (12 carrier for phone Additional NRC: ICB Additional NRC: No Additional NRC: No add-on hours for pro. lines/numbers? Yes Redundancy Strategy: services) Additional MRC: ICB R BYOC (Bring Your Own Would require multiple Additional MRC: Yes, once Additional MRC: Yes If so, is there an additional Additional NRC: No Su Carrier) SIP trunks between Five9 BYOC minutes allotment Additional MRC: pending NRC or MRC cost? Redundancy Strategy: and customer. is exceeded. Redundancy Strategy: Additional MRC: No LiveVox has 14 carriers in P Recommend leveraging Redundancy Strategy: If applicable, note its own pool and Active- bes All calls will have SIP Redundancy Strategy: diverse carriers to ensure Recommend SIP trunks to recommended BYOC Active data centers with inc trunked to and from the pending redundancy. both U.S. East and West redundancy strategy. AWS num Five9 platform to be for geographic lo processed. SIP trunks can redundancy. ca be over the Internet, lay Five9's MPLS, or customer's MPLS. Inbound Voice, Outbound Inbound Voice, Outbound Inbound Voice, Outbound Inbound Voice, Outbound Inbound Voice, Outbound Inbound Voice, Outbound Inb Voice Options available voice channels Dialer (roadmap), Queue Dialer, Queue Call Back Dialer, Queue Call Back Dialer, Queue Call Back Dialer, Queue Call Back Dialer, Queue Call Back D Call Back Agentless, Manual (TCPA Agentless, Manual (TCPA Agentless, Manual (TCPA Agentless, Manual (TCPA Manual (TCPA Compliant) Agentless, Manual (TCPA Ag Voice: Outbound Dialer Types of outbound dialers Compliant), Power, Compliant) (third-party), Compliant), Power, Compliant), Power, (roadmap), Power Compliant), Power, 202 Options offered by vendor Predictive, Preview, Power, Predictive, Predictive, Preview, Predictive, Preview, (roadmap), Preview Predictive, Preview, Progressive Preview, Progressive Progressive Progressive (third-party) (roadmap) Progressive Chat (Agent), Co-browse, Chat (Agent), MMS Chat (Agent), Co-browse, Email, Fax, Generic Object Ch Chat (Agent), Co-browse, (inbound), MMS Email, MMS (Inbound), Chat (Agent), Co-browse, (roadmap), MMS Chat (Agent), Co-browse, Em Email, SMS (Inbound), SMS (Outbound), SMS MMS (Outbound),SMS non-voice options for Email, SMS (Inbound), SMS (Inbound), MMS Email, SMS (Inbound), SMS Digital Channels (Outbound), Social Media (Inbound), SMS (Inbound), SMS communication offered (Outbound), Social Media, (Outbound), SMS (Outbound), Social Media, (roadmap), Video (third- (Outbound), Video (Outbound), Social Media Video (Inbound), SMS Video party) (Outbound), Social Media, (O Roadmap: Email Roadmap: Video Video (third-party) Apple Business Chat, Facebook, LINE Facebook, Instagram, Apple Business Chat, Apple Business Chat, Messaging, LinkedIn LinkedIn, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Social media and related Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp (third-party), Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, (roadmap), LinkedIn Social Channels applications that vendor (roadmap), LinkedIn, Slack, n/a WeChat (third-party), YouTube (roadmap), Slack, Twitter, can intelligently queue Twitter, WeChat, Roadmap: Facebook WhatsApp, YouTube WeChat (roadmap), WhatsApp (third-party) WhatsApp Full List Does contact center solution include customer Native CRM Included No No Yes Yes Yes (address book only) Yes relationship management capabilities natively? Is solution provider participating in Microsoft Microsoft Teams Certied Teams Connected contact Yes Yes Yes Yes No No center certication program? F K Pre-built: Kustomer, Pre-built: Kustomer, Pre-built: Bullhorn, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics, Sa Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams, Pre-built: Oracle NetSuite, Oracle, NetSuite, Oracle, Salesforce, Zendesk Pre-built: EPIC, Kustomer, Salesforce, SAP, 3rd-party SaaS solutions Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, Pre-built: Salesforce, Via custom API: Bullhorn, Cloud App Integration ServiceNow, Zendesk, Via with which the supplier Zendesk, Zoho Via custom API: EPIC Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics, Freshdesk, HubSpot, (Pre-built) more has pre-built integrations (through NovelVox CTI Salesforce, ServiceNow, ServiceNow, Zendesk Microsoft Dynamics, Via custom API: EPIC Connector), Freshdesk, Zendesk, Zoho ServiceNow, Zendesk, Via custom API: EPIC (through SpinSci HubSpot, NetSuite, Zoho (through Acqueon A partnership), Freshdesk, Oracle, SAP, ServiceNow, partnership) Cle HubSpot, SAP, more Zoho, more Ku O Database of 3rd-party applications vendor can source and has established Enterprise App Store Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes n/a pre-built integrations with to augment native functionality Agent Assist, Agent Coaching (QA), Chat Bot, Personality Routing, Real- time Sentiment Analysis, Nat Voice Bot (IVA), WFM, Agent Assist, Agent Bo Workow Automation Coaching (QA), Chat Bot, Agent Assist, Agent Agent Assist, Agent An (RPA) Personality Routing, Real- Coaching (QA), Chat Bot, Coaching (QA), Chat Bot Agent Coaching (QA), Chat Agent Assist, Agent time Sentiment Analysis, Personality Routing, Real- Bot, Personality Routing, Five9 Articial Intelligence Coaching (QA), Chat Bot, Voice Bot (IVA), WFM, time Sentiment Analysis, Via 3rd party: Personality Voice Bot (IVA), WFM, Coa (AI) includes Natural Personality Routing, Real- Articial Intelligence AI capabilities available Workow Automation Voice Bot (IVA), WFM, Routing, Real-time Workow Automation Rou Language Processing time Sentiment Analysis, Offering through CCaaS vendor (RPA) Workow Automation Sentiment Analysis, Voice (NLP), Machine Learning Voice Bot (IVA), WFM, (RPA) Bot (IVA), WFM, Workow Roadmap: Agent Assist, (ML), Intelligent Virtual Workow Automation Genesys AI assists with Automation (RPA) Real-time Sentiment Con Assistants (IVA), and (RPA) forecasting to optimize the Voicebots powered by Analysis as c Chatbots through resources required to Google AI, more Zoom Virtual Agent partnerships with Google meet service needs. (CCAI), IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and Salesforce Einstein AI (Amazon) applications. Does provider leverage a proprietary/native Platform platform or leverage a Native Native Native Native Native Native platform via third-party partnership?

Workforce Optimization (WFO) includes Proprietary WFO; partner Proprietary WFO; partner Pro Workforce Management Proprietary WFO; Partner with CSI, Envision, with Teleopti, Verint w (WFM) - agent scheduling with Calabrio, Call Miner, Proprietary WFO; can Loxysoft,, Proprietary (roadmap); Workforce Optimization (Monet), and others Partner with Community NIC and forecasting - as well as NICE, Verint; can integrate integrate with any 3rd- PlayVox, Teleopti, Tethr, can integrate with third- Offerings through AppFoundry; WFM Su Quality Monitoring (QM) - with many 3rd-party party solution Verint (Monet); can party solutions integration with 3rd-party can recording analytics, solutions integrate with any 3rd- solutions customer surveys, party solution coaching tools. provider will sell WFO WFO Offered Standalone No No No No No Yes standalone GDPR, HIPAA, HITRUST, HIPAA (BAA), SOC 2, CCPA, CPNI, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, GD Regulatory compliances CCPA, FedRAMP, GDPR, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, TCPA CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, Compliance HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, SOX, PCI, SOC 2, TCPA the supplier meets HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, TCPA TCPA SOC 2, TCPA SSAE-18, TCPA R Roadmap: PCI Roadmap: FedRAMP Key customer wins Aac, Aviva, CVS, FedEx, Carmax, Empire Today, Go Notable Clients (references available upon Case Studies IBM, OpenTable, Peloton Available Upon Request Available Upon Request McKesson, Siemens LinkedIn, Valvoline request) Verticals in which supplier Education, Healthcare, Finance, Healthcare, Energy/Utilities, Finance, Legal, Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Healthcare, F Top Customer Verticals has historically had the Finance, Healthcare, Retail Retail, Wealth Manufacturing Healthcare, Hospitality Financial Services Insurance H most success Management On-Site Implementation / Does the supplier charge Yes (25+ seats) Yes Yes Yes Yes No Training extra for these services? Implementation Description or link Available Upon Request Implementation Overview Available Upon Request Available Upon Request Implementation Overview Available Upon Request Av Overview providing further detail does provider integrate with external Knowledge Base(s) or offer its own Integrated Knowledge Base for Knowledge Base Integrated Native Native Native (roadmap) Native customer to populate the Native CCaaS platform to reference in AI or Agent Assist situations? Na N top cre C age Up do Wh app red Genesys Cloud CX platform is engineered to AppConnect marketplace Single application/user deliver 100% availability Ma with pre-integrated free experience for UCaaS and by NPS of 90 for pro services trials (30-45 day) of CCaaS, including one All deployments use at and NPS of 88 for Day 2 CCAAS tools like WFM, management portal Outbound capabilities least three Amazon pu support in 2022 QM, Dialers and advanced availability zones in an Industry leader with G analytics Video-rst strategy (Full Compliance controls active-active-active robust omni-channel and wh unique features of the Five9 Workforce inbound video feature set) Differentiators architecture, and are load- workforce optimization provider Automation (WFA) Commissions are paid on All-In-one with own tools balanced across multiple solutions, including speech solution can streamline a AppConnect revenue Omnichannel and AI AZs analytics and AI variety of tasks such as capabilities à la carte modules - land emailing an invoice or Global availability in over without ACD If issues are detected, the saving notes to a case. 100 countries with Pace of Innovation: trafc is spread across the industry leading MOS Monthly releases of remaining healthy in score of 4.3 critical features Genesys Cloud CX pho instances and Cu 10 202 ou as t c mor in 2 thu t sat