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Microsoft Operator Connect

The Best Microsoft Operator Connect Vendors.

UCaaS Matrix: Microsoft Teams Operator Connect: Yes (1/1) (1/1) (1/1) (1/1) (1/1) (1/1) link to provider's Provider CallTower Fusion Connect IntelePeer SCB Global SInch SIPPIO Pathnder prole Direct Routing - Microsoft PBX: supplier hosted/managed SBC connects PSTN to Microsoft Cloud Phone System. No third party PBX for disaster recovery/business continuity; some feature augmentation available per vendor. Requires MSFT Cloud Phone System license + supplier calling SKU Direct Routing - Bundled PBX: supplier hosted/managed SBC Direct Routing - Bundled Direct Routing - Bundled Direct Routing - Bundled Direct Routing - Bundled connects PSTN to PBX PBX PBX PBX Microsoft Cloud Phone Direct Routing - Microsoft Direct Routing - Microsoft Dire Microsoft Teams Strategy System. Supplier bundles PBX PBX Direct Routing - Microsoft Direct Routing - Microsoft Direct Routing - Microsoft Direct Routing - Microsoft proprietary PBX into PBX PBX PBX PBX offering for disaster recovery/business continuity as well as additional features like operator console, faxing, and advanced auto- attendant/call queues. Requires MSFT Cloud Phone System license + UCaaS seat Embedded Dialer: Supplier soft phone functions as application/widget within Teams interface. Doesn't require MSFT Cloud Phone System license Providers participating in Operator Connect simplify the onboarding process for Operator Connect bringing Public Switched Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Telephone Network (PSTN) connectivity to Teams. local DID + in-country International Full PSTN calling experience, number 39 Countries 31 Countries US/Canada 80+ Countries US/Canada 74 Countries Replacement portability, access to emergency services Microsoft CSP can sell O365 licensing Yes Yes No Yes No No Commercial (E), Education Com Supported Microsoft Commercial, Education, Commercial (E), Education Commercial (E), Education Commercial (E), Education Commercial (E), Education Commercial (E), Education (A), Government (GCC), (A Licensing and Government Plans (A), Government (GCC) (A) (A), Government (GCC) (A) (A), Government (GCC) Government (GCC High) Go sell/rent gateways (for Offer Onsite Gateway local dial-tone) / manage Sell / Rent / Manage Sell / Rent / Manage n/a Sell / Rent / Manage n/a Sell / Rent / Manage existing equipment ability to sell / provision / Teams-Certied Handsets Sell / Provision / Support Sell / Provision / Support n/a Sell / Provision / Support n/a n/a support remote call forwarding and/or use of supplier's Bundled PBX Bundled PBX Bundled PBX Bundled PBX Failover During Teams proprietary software Remote Call Forward Remote Call Forward R Outage available during Teams Remote Call Forward Remote Call Forward Remote Call Forward Remote Call Forward outage method by which supplier Network Connection to interfaces with Microsoft Express Route to Azure Express Route to Azure Express Route to Azure Express Route to Azure Express Route to Azure Express Route to Azure Ex MSFT Cloud Cloud Ability to incorporate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes analog phones, paging systems, fax machines, etc. ATA or multi-line voice AT Analog Device Support ATA or multi-line voice ATA or multi-line voice No ATA or multi-line voice ATA or multi-line voice into a Microsoft Teams gateway using MSFT g gateway off optional gateway off bundled gateway off bundled gateway off bundled Direct Routing Direct Routing best MetaSwitch UCaaS platform UCaaS platform UCaaS platform architecture practices Digital application used to see end user availability Yes (3rd-party Landis Yes (3rd-party Landis Yes (3rd-party Anywhere Receptionist Console and direct inbound phone No No No Attendant Pro) Attendant Console) 365 Attendant Console) calls, typically via a drag & drop interface

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      Yes (Oreka TR, branded as CT Cloud Call Recording) • Always-on (no user intervention required) Yes (Bundled PBX) • On-Demand (user Yes (proprietary app) initiates call recording Yes (via 3rd-party app) Provide call recording Ability to record phone from browser interface) SCB Global has a native through Fusion platform. calls to/from the public Teams recording solution Leverage AudioCodes switched telephone • 60-day retention, then that supports Teams-to- (SmartTAP 360) for PSTN PSTN Call Recording Can be turned on Yes (requires CPaaS) Yes network made/received by SFTP or other customer- Teams recording and Call Recording: intelligent, automatically or managed the Teams client and/or provided storage Teams-to-PSTN recording fully-secured enterprise by user; either way, all desk phone • Offers Live listening (including MFID II, HIPAA, recording for all voice, management occurs on the • Can record softphone PCI, Dodd-Frank certied video and IM interactions. Fusion platform (not from Teams and CT Cloud solution). Teams). Voice Per user pricing; separate portal to access call recordings. Ability to offer SMS/MMS SMS/MMS Functionality functionality via Teams Yes Roadmap Yes Yes No Roadmap application Does vendor have a means Yes (proprietary feature Yes (proprietary feature Yes (proprietary feature eFax Capability of enabling eFaxing No Yes (via 3rd-party) Yes (via 3rd-party) addition) addition) addition) services via Teams client? CallTower Cloud Contact Cisco Webex Contact Anywhere365 Five9 contact center solutions Center Resell Talkdesk on Fusion Av Contact Center Offering No Sinch Contact Pro the provider offers Connect paper Ge OPTO4Contact Genesys Five9 Solgari Anywhere365 is a Microsoft-certied contact center offering. Gen Separate application. Agent UI lives inside of Five9 had "Teams hav Option to make/receive Microsoft Teams interface. Connector" that syncs calls in Teams but call Can route voice and digital Teams can serve as Teams Directory and Di control, dispositions, agent interactions to Teams endpoint to eld voice Presence into Five9 UI; notes managed in Talkdesk client. Presence sync with interactions. SIP integration enables on- contact center application. A365 i.e. making a Teams net calling between Five9 SIP to Teams call will trigger Additionally, Five9 and and Teams SBC (through Separate application. Click to call between A365 agent status to Genesys can use the CallTower) Option to make/receive Ge how agents on provider's Talkdesk agents and Teams ""Unavailable"" to avoid "Teams Connector" that Contact Center - Teams calls in Teams but call and CCaaS platform interact users via directory n/a routing ACD calls to busy syncs Teams Directory and Integration CT Cloud Center more control, dispositions, agent with users of MSFT Teams integration and skillset agent Presence into basic - agents can answer notes managed in Sinch lookup. SIP Trunk Five9/Genesys UI ACD calls via Teams; has contact center application Av between CCaaS Platform OPTO4Contact agent UI presence integration with se and Teams keeps Voice also has native integration SIP integration enables on- Teams, e.g.. make/receive Op Trafc on net. Presence leveraging Microsoft net calling between Teams call (internal or c integration and automated PowerBI, single sign on, Five9/Genesys and Teams PSTN) and CT Cloud con notications to Teams and Graph APIs where SBC (through SIPPIO) Center presence changed ag users via the Talkdesk available. Otherwise, SCB to "Unavailable". con platform. will use HTTPS and web sockets to enable Non- APIs features to be available inside Teams client. Named User - Metered Concurrent Call Path (ICB) (with CallTower UCaaS Concurrent Call Path Concurrent Call Path Named User (Metered / seat) Named User - Metered Named User - Metered N Named User - Metered Calling Plan Options Unlimited), Concurrent Named User - Metered Named User - Metered (ICB) Call Path Named User - Unlimited Named User - Unlimited Named User - Unlimited Na (with CallTower UCaaS Named User - Unlimited Named User - Unlimited Named User - Unlimited seat) Fusion will provide consultative services around 911 Supported - conguration congurations. It is the done in Microsoft Teams customer's responsibility Yes (Supported) Admin Center following to congure the Microsoft Microsoft documented Can vendor help Teams network topology, Will assist customer in process. implement Teams Dynamic emergency locations and setting up Emergency Calling as emergency call policies. dynamic/Nomadic E911 SIPPIO does not accept documented by Microsoft? within Teams admin center responsibility for Supported - conguration Supported - conguration Supported - conguration Fusion Connect's SBCs will as part of implementation implementing this within Can end users make done in Microsoft Teams done in Microsoft Teams done in Microsoft Teams Teams Dynamic E911 support routing of calls to Teams Admin Center but emergency calls from Admin Center following Admin Center following Admin Center following Supported the correct PSAP, Emergency calling location will provide Teams and have granular Microsoft documented Microsoft documented Microsoft documented assuming they receive information from Teams implementation guidance. location information sent process. process. process. properly formatted endpoint passes to SBC to Direct Routing partners' location information from Global's SBCs and on to Emergency calling location SBCs for connecting to the customer's Microsoft Bandwidth Emergency information from Teams appropriate Public Safety tenant Routing Service (ERS) for endpoint passes to SIPPIO Access Point (PSAP)? directing call to SBCs and on to Intrado They include access to appropriate PSAP. Emergency Routing's national Service (ERS) for directing emergency call center for call to appropriate PSAP. callers whose location isn't identied Can vendor set up Direct Routing on customer's If CallTower is the CSP, Implementation Services behalf or must customer yes; if not, via pro. services Yes Yes Yes Roadmap Yes handle themselves/via contract third party? location of supplier's Brazil, Pakistan, Rochester (NY), South Chicago, Denver, NOC Locations Network Operation Atlanta, Emporia (KS) Dania Beach (FL), Denver Philippines, UAE, United Chicago Jordan (UT) Minneapolis Centers Kingdom

      language availability for English, French, Italian, English, French, NOC Language Support English English, Spanish English English customer support Portuguese, Spanish Portuguese, Spanish