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The Top UCaaS Providers in 2024

Zoom, RingCentral, Microsoft Teams

UCaaS Matrix link to provider's Provider 8x8 Dialpad Microsoft Teams RingCentral Vonage Business Zoom Pathnder prole HQ Supplier's headquarters Campbell, CA San Ramon, CA Redmond, WA Belmont, CA Homdel, NJ San Jose, CA # of Employees in-house staff 1,500 1,000 144,000 4,000 2,500 6,000 Privately owned or Public / Private Public: EGHT Private Public: MSFT Public: RNG Public: ERIC Public: ZM publicly traded Number of licenses 70M (UCaaS); 5.5M Seats in Service 1M condential 17M (Teams Phone PSTN) 2M 1M deployed (Phone Seats) # of seats or MRC Minimum Seat Count / minimum required to no minimum 25 seats no minimum no minimum no minimum no minimum MRC engage Ideal opportunities for the Sweet Spot 100-10,000 seats 100-1,000+ seats 2-10,000+ seats 500-25,000 10-10,000 seats 150-2,500+ seats provider Acquired by Ericcson Companies acquired and, Contactual, HighFive, Kare LinkedIn, Skype iCore, NewVoiceMedia, Key Acquisitions integrated into the DXI, MarianaIQ, QSE, Knowledgeware, Koopid, Dimelo, Glip Keybase, Kites, Solvvy Technologies, Yammer Nexmo, Over.AI, Simple supplier's offering VoiceNET, Wavecell TalkIQ Signal, Telesphere, TokBox, Vocalocity Data-at-rest locations: APAC: Hong Kong, APAC: Singapore, Sydney, Hyderabad, Melbourne, APAC: Hong Kong, Japan, APAC: Hong Kong, New Tokyo Mumbai, Osaka, Malyasia, Singapore, South AWS Data Centers Delhi, Singapore, Sydney APAC: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Tianjin, Location of supplier's data Korea Sydney Canada: Toronto, Tokyo centers APAC: Singapore, Sydney Canada: Saskatchewan Vancouver Canada: Quebec City, EMEA: Amsterdam, Canada: Toronto, APAC: Asia-Pacic Toronto Canada: Calgary, Montreal EMEA: Amsterdam, Johannesburg EMEA: Amsterdam, Paris, Vancouver Germany Zurich Datacenter Locations EMEA: Europe, Middle EMEA: Austria, Finland, EMEA: Dublin, Frankfurt, LATAM: São Paulo EMEA: Amsterdam, East, Africa France, Ireland, Jerusalem, Paris LATAM: Rio de Janeiro LATAM: Rio de Janeiro Frankfurt Netherlands, Poland, UK: London LATAM: Latin America Sweden UK: London UK: London UK: London LATAM: Queretaro US: Chicago, Dallas, New (Mexico), São Paulo NA: North America LATAM: Brazil, Chile US: Atlanta, Chicago, Salt US: Ashburn (VA), Santa Jersey, San Jose US: Atlanta, Chicago, Lake City, Scottsdale Clara Dallas, Miami, New York, US: Denver, Newark, New UK: Cardiff, London San Jose, Vienna (VA) York City, San Jose, Virginia US: Bay (CA), Boydton (VA) local DID + in-country International Full PSTN calling experience, number 55+ Countries 100+ Countries 34 Countries 45+ Countries 90+ Countries 47+ Countries Replacement portability, access to emergency services Cisco, Panasonic, Poly, Yealink ALE, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Via 3rd Party: Audiocodes, Algo, Cisco, Grandstream, IP phones supported Poly, tekVizion, Unity Cisco, Panasonic, Poly, Compatible Handsets Non-supported SIP Obihair, Poly, Yealink Cisco, Crestron, Poly, Logitech, Poly, Snom, and/or resold by supplier Yealink phones can generally be Yealink Yealink Read more here. added as 3rd-party SIP devices. Does provider leverage a proprietary/native Platform platform or leverage a Proprietary Proprietary Microsoft Proprietary Proprietary Proprietary platform via third-party partnership? Middleware Middleware (Call2Teams, Direct Routing - Bundled TeamMates) Direct Routing - Bundled PBX Middleware PBX Direct Routing - Bundled Direct Routing - Bundled Microsoft Teams Supplier's capability with Direct Routing - Microsoft PBX n/a (Microsoft Calling PBX Direct Routing - Bundled Direct Routing - Microsoft Integrations Microsoft Teams PBX Plan) PBX PBX Embedded Dialer Direct Routing - Microsoft Embedded Dialer PBX Embedded Dialer Embedded Dialer Operator Connect Embedded Dialer (roadmap) CPNI, Cloud Security CCPA, CPNI, Cloud CCPA, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), FISMA, CPNI, Cloud Security CPNI, GDPR, HIPAA, Security Alliance (CSA), CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO Alliance (CSA), FedRAMP, GDPR, HIPAA, HITRUST, Alliance (CSA), GDPR, HITRUST, ITAR, ISO FedRAMP, GDPR, HIPAA, Compliance standards the 27001, PCI, SOC 2 GDPR, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, PCI, HITRUST, ISO 27001, SOC provider has met or is ITAR, ISO 27001, NIST Compliance PCI, SOC 2, SOX 27001, PCI, SOC 2, SOX SOC 2, SOX 2 capable of assisting a cloud Additional Compliances: 800-53, PCI, SOC 2, SOX customer in meeting. ISO 27017, ISO 27018, Additional Compliances: Additional Compliances: Additional Compliances: Additional Compliances: PrivacyTrust Additional Compliances: ISO 9000, UK Government FINRA FINRA FERPA, IAPP, NCSC DOD Full List Cyber Essentials IL2, PIPE/PHIPA; Full List

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CX Express and CX Elevate for basic call center features and non- CRM integrated users. Ring Central Contact Contact center solutions Contact Center Proprietary Proprietary none Center (NICE inContact), Vonage Omni-Channel Proprietary the supplier offers RingCentral CX Contact Center (VCC) is available for Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk Microsoft Dynamics 365 and more. Can imitate Key Phone Key System Emulation No No No No Yes Yes System functionality Does the supplier offer SIP SIP Trunking Available trunking services for on- Yes No No No Yes Yes premises PBXs? Bullhorn, Google Workspace, HubSpot, Athena, Bullhorn, Cerner, Kustomer, Microsoft EPIC, Fiserv, Google Bullhorn, Google Dynamics, Microsoft Workspace, HubSpot, Jack Cerner, EPIC, Google Bullhorn, Google Cisco Webex/Webex Workspace, HubSpot, Ofce, NetSuite, Henry, Microsoft Workspace, HubSpot, Workspace, Kustomer, Teams, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Dynamics, Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Ofce, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Ofce, NetSuite, Slack, SugarCRM, Ofce, NetSuite, Microsoft Ofce, 3rd-party SaaS solutions Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Ofce, Line of Business App Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Zoho Salesforce, ServiceNow, Salesforce, ServiceNow, the supplier has integrated Slack, Zendesk, Zoho Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, Integrations Slack, SugarCRM, Slack, SugarCRM, Slack, SugarCRM, with Zoho Zendesk, Zoho Additional Integrations: Zendesk, Zoho Zendesk, Zoho Additional Integrations: 351 pre-built, including Clio, Front, Outreach, Additional Integrations: Additional Integrations: Asana, Clio, Conuence, Additional Integrations: Additional Integrations: Wingman, Zapier Full List Full List GitHub, Jira, MailChimp, Clio, Connectwise, Job Full List Marketo, Oracle Sales Diva, Prodoscore, Cloud, Theta Lake, Workplace, Zapier VMware, Zapier Live Language Translation Assign Action Items Assign Action Items Note Taking & Live Language Translation Summarization Live Language Translation Assign Action Items Assign Action Items Live Language Translation Note Taking & Sentiment Analysis Note Taking & Live Language Translation Live Language Translation Note Taking & Summarization Summarization Articial Intelligence tools Summarization Additional Capabilities: Note Taking & Note Taking & AI Capabilities incorporated in the Real-Time Transcription ecosystem-driven, open AI Real-Time Transcription Summarization Summarization provider's solution Real-Time Transcription integrations; allows Sentiment Analysis customers to layer their Sentiment Analysis Real-Time Transcription Real-Time Transcription Sentiment Analysis own AI solutions on top of Additional Capabilities: 8x8's capabilities. Read Additional Capabilities: AI Sentiment Analysis Sentiment Analysis Additional Capabilities: Conversation Intelligence more about 8x8's Coaching Hub, Sales Full List. Intelligent Customer Playbook Assistant (roadmap) here. SD-WAN technologies VMware SD-WAN SD-WAN Offerings that these providers offer none none none none none (VeloCloud) and manage themselves. Do these suppliers offer Dedicated Circuits for yes; SIP trunking to on- UCaaS trafc only, yes; dedicated voice Circuits Offered prem PBXs (not no no no no Internet circuits, and/or circuits standalone) SIP trunking? If yes, please specic which ones. If MPLS is supported, can the client bring any MPLS Bring Your Own MPLS yes no yes yes yes yes provider? Additional cost likely to apply. Verticals in which supplier Automotive, Finance, Automotive, Construction, Education, Healthcare, Healthcare, Finance, Healthcare, IT, Top Customer Verticals has historically had the Legal, Retail, Technology, n/a Finance, Healthcare, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Retail Retail most success SLED Retail, SLED Technology On-Site Implementation / Does the supplier charge Additional Charge Additional Charge via Microsoft partners Additional Charge Additional Charge Additional Charge Training extra for these services? Implementation Description or link Read more here Read more here via Microsoft partners Read more here Read more here Read more here Overview providing further detail 24/7 global access Does the supplier provide Dedicated support included. Included. Mid-market dedicated support Various support models included. Advanced Premier/Premier+ Dedicated Customer customers (100+ personnel? If so, is this depending upon customer Read more here. dedicated 24/7 support Included packages available for Support employees) and above get included or is there an needs offered for additional additional charge. dedicated rep. additional cost? charge. Read more here RingCentral Meetings, RingCentral Messaging, Native and/or 3rd-party Microsoft Teams, Collaboration Solutions Fax, SMS, RingCentral resale options offered by 8x8 Meet Proprietary Microsoft Teams Live Proprietary Proprietary Available Rooms, RingCentral Room supplier Events Connector, RingCentral Webinar link to provider's case Case Studies Read more here. Read more here. Read more here. Read more here. Read more here. Read more here. studies page

30+ Data Centers worldwide; 45+ carrier peering; 200+ ISP Peering 40+ Global Ofce Countries with expanded International Virtual Own the entire technology Number coverage to 100+ stack from Applications Local DIDs in 114 countries; localization for (UCaaS, CCaaS) and countries and unlimited 16 languages, and service Built on Google Cloud's Programmable global calling for phone to China & India (ICB) Platform using Communications (APIs). All-in-one platform for and contact center across microservices architecture Contact Center, AI, Virtual 48 countries 100+ ISV Partners; largest Omni-channel Contact Agent, Phone, E-mail, developer community in Mobile-rst strategy Center solutions Calendar, Video Meetings, Have won awards for the cloud space - 40,000+ emphasizing the same user embedded into and Room Systems, Digital unique features of the highest voice quality over Developers, 30+ GLIP Differentiators experience on the cell Read more here. optimized for Salesforce, Signage, Content Sharing, technology the public Internet (Tolly Integrations, 250 + phone as the desktop ServiceNow and Microsoft Whiteboarding, Team Group) RESTful APIs and Cloud client Dynamics 365. Chat, Events, Webinars Integrations and more with over 2,000 Owns 200+ VoIP patents Voice AI included standard Integrations into app integrations with rich 2022 Gartner® Magic - real time transcriptions customer's existing APIs and SDKs. Develop 10-12 new 3rd Quadrant™ for UCaaS, and analytics on all voice productivity tools, and party integrations every 300+ pre-built solving unique quarter integrations, Open API's, communication with Worldwide, 99.999% custom solutions. uptime SLA, TLS and SRTP Data Encryption, On demand and dynamic End- to-End Encryption for RingCentral video, HIPAA, FINRA, HITRUST, and ISO 27017 and 27018