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The Top CPaaS Providers in 2023

CPaaS Matrix link to provider's Provider 8x8 IntelePeer RingCentral Vonage Business Edify Sinch Pathnder prole Fishers, IN; Santa Monica, HQ Supplier's headquarters Campbell, CA San Mateo, CA Belmont, CA Holmdel, NJ Atlanta, GA CA number of in-house # Employees 1,600 280 5,000 2,500 100 4,200 employees Privately owned or Public / Private Public: EGHT Private Public: RNG Public: VG Private Public: SINCH (XSTO) publicly traded Verticals in which supplier Consumer Marketing, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, IoT, Top Customer Verticals has historically had the Education, Healthcare Healthcare, Retail Retail, Transportation Retail Media & Entertainment most success (Telehealth) Transportation customer seeking pure- 8x8 does not provide pro. play CPaaS services for CPaaS; poor opportunities for the requires customer customer seeking ACD needs extensive IVR Government (local, state, SMS and OTT spammers; Bad Fits pending provider personnel familiar with solution scripting, customizable federal) gray message routing APIs or qualied partner video (beyond link to to implement meeting via browser), or pre-built 2FA capabilities no cost to use 8x8 APIs; if development is necessary, client would incur costs through a third party no cost to use Vonage no cost to use RingCentral on-site onboarding, any one-time costs APIs; if development is One-Time APIs; if development is hardware (if needed: necessary to roll out if customer requires a n/a necessary, client would varies Implementation Costs necessary, costs would Chromebooks, headsets, solution special number (short or incur costs through a third apply desk phones) long code) for SMS party delivery, there is a cost to purchase and maintain the special number RingCentral does not charge for access to their APIs, and includes a set amount of included usage for customers as part of their UCaaS plan. SMS, ChatApp and video Once included allotments The Vonage API platform Recurring costs are services are priced on a Standard or Advanced of minutes, SMS, etc is is usage-based billing. The dened based on the type ongoing fees for using the Recurring Costs per message and/or Bundled Packages utilized customers are only recurring cost would licensing and usage of desired communication service monthly user fee (MAU) Usage charges billed based on usage at be by choice with a specic channel and service or for usage. competitive rates. support package. product of Sinch. Customers may realize additional cost savings through plan upgrades or by purchasing bundles of minutes or SMS in advance. No; APIs included as part of UCaaS (MVP) or in the Can SD-WAN be sold on case of social media (see its own, without circuits or Sold Standalone Yes Yes Messaging app Yes Yes Yes other network/cloud integrations) with CX services? offerings (Engage Digital or Engage Voice) Pricing starts at $49/mth under their Message Media platform for a MRC, # users, # devices, # no minimum (30+ seats singer user, unlimited Minimum Deal Size $1,000 MRC $250 MRC no minimum no minimum sites, etc. preferred) contacts, basic reporting, and MMS-enabled as well as 1,000 SMS messages per month. Chatbots Management MMS (US/Canada only) Reporting Chatbots Chatbots Chatbots Chatbots SMS (US/Canada only) Email Email Email Email Video (Meeting Management Management Management Management Creation/Recording MMS MMS MMS Management MMS Retrieval only) Multi-Factor Multi-Factor Multi-Factor Multi-Factor Multi-Factor Voice Authentication (MFA) Authentication (MFA) Authentication (MFA) Authentication (MFA) Authentication (MFA) Voice Bots Natural Language Natural Language Natural Language Reporting Natural Language Processing (NLP) Processing (NLP) Processing (NLP) SMS Processing (NLP) CPaaS Capabilities features offered Built Using SMS/Voice Payments (via API) Payments Payments Two-Factor Payments APIs Reporting Reporting Reporting Authentication (2FA) Reporting Multi-Factor Sentiment Analysis Sentiment Analysis Sentiment Analysis Video (Text to Speech call Sentiment Analysis Authentication (MFA) SMS SMS SMS only or mobile SDK) SMS Payments Two-Factor Two-Factor Two-Factor Voice Two-Factor Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Authentication (2FA) Authentication (2FA) Authentication (2FA) Authentication (2FA) Video Video Video Voice Voice Voice Voice Voice Bots Roadmap Voice Bots Voice Bots Voice Bots Natural Language Processing (NLP) Sentiment Analysis

Apple Business Chat Apple Business Chat Apple Business Chat With Engage Digital Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger Subscription Google RBM Google RBM Google RBM digital communication Instagram Apple Business Chat Messaging App Facebook Messenger Instagram Instagram Instagram apps vendor can connect Viber Facebook Messenger Integrations WhatsApp Line Line Line to via API WeChat Instagram Viber Viber Viber WhatsApp WeChat WeChat WeChat WeChat WhatsApp WhatsApp WhatsApp WhatsApp 99.99% uptime for Authentication, 99.999% uptime for Sinch SLA & Support Service Level Agreements Messaging, Video, Voice SLAs 99.99% uptime 99.999% uptime UCaaS services; no SLA for 100% offered through Enterprise Plan; API at this time Sinch Messaging SLA fees returned for non- compliance number of countries vendor APIs and other Global API Availability value-added Global Global Global 220 countries 60+ countries Global services/solutions are available in Global; ofces on most number of countries continents; can help Global; 100% reach to all Local Number Availability where local and toll-free procure local numbers 120 countries Global 107+ countries 60 countries mobile carriers worldwide numbers can be accessed based on country requirements as needed Can offer access to SMS short codes globally based on channel availability. number of countries SMS Short Code Short code can be can assist in facilitation of where SMS short codes 200 countries Not available 107+ Countries Availability provided in U.S. purchasing Check for SMS short/long can be accessed code and toll-free availability using self- service portal 40 per minute (default); maximum volume of can be increased to 3 per US Toll-Free SMS outbound SMS messages second with plans to 10 per second (higher 50 per second 10 per second 30 per second 75 per second Throughput per second on US toll-free support higher based on use case) phone number throughputs as carriers allow on ICB maximum volume of US Short Code SMS outbound SMS messages 100 per second 100 per second Not available 50 per second 100 per second 500 per second Throughput per second on US short code numbers varies based on message 40 per minute (default); maximum volume of type and number risk can be increased to 1 per US 10DLC (10-Digit Long- outbound SMS messages score of the account second with plans to 75 per second (with carrier 300 per second 30 per second (higher ICB) 75 per second Code) SMS Throughput per second on US 10DLC opened for the short code; support higher approval) numbers ranges from 15 to 60,000 throughputs as carriers per second allow on ICB All documentation and SDKs are publicly available here. Developers can get started for free with trial Developer portal with API accounts that include access management credits. (password ow, JWT, and OAuth2) Dashboards, sandboxes, inspection and debugging Support user phone API management API access analytics tools, reporting and number API, REST API call API Management capabilities offered to Managed Services including latency and error analysis interfaces with Yes Yes within Automation API. customers codes APIs, and more. Reporting API Automated QA and Additional capabilities graduation process to help include: account developers address and x management and errors "subaccount" division, feature management, auditing, data redaction, debugging, reporting, analysis. Integrated UC/CCaaS availability of integrated No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Platform UC/CCaaS platform Access to APIs via no code, low code, and pro code Resources include: capabilities including out of the box integrations, - API references, code embeddable widgets, snippets, guides and multi- sample apps, SDKs (11 step tutorials languages), and award- - End to end use case winning APIs. sample projects - CLI, frontend and RingCentral Developers backend SDKs, example Sinch offers online provides customers, repositories and higher developers community partners, and developers level libraries with the latest Sinch with extensive resources provided to - Productized partner Developers SDK and Documentation, code documentation, getting developers (e.g. code integrations to services sample RESTful APIs to Documentation here. examples, API docs, visual started guides, how to Documentation here. Developer Resources repositories, sample including Amazon Lex, easily integrate with Sinch Code builder included. builders, no code apps, and videos, one-click app Code builder included. projects, SDKs, visual Microsoft Flow, etc. CPaaS platform for two- customer support creation, sandbox for app builders, data logging) - Learning written and way SMS and OTT Channel development, API video content, including communication. analytics, API references, YouTube videos and forums, free developer DevTV (Twitch) Documentation here. support, access to the Game Changers program, Vonage also has a monthly meetups, and an Community team that annual developer organizes events and conference. workshops, a start-up program, and Vonage Our developer website, Voyagers champions APIs, and resources are program. freely available and open to the public here.

Report all Service Issues to Customers can contact Sinch Customer Support Vonage via email or web using one of the following developer/enterprise portal. Enterprise methods: Technical Support access to vendor technical Documentation here. Email support Documentation here. Documentation here. customers can also support leverage chat tools and a 24/7/365 phone/email, dedicated phone number. Customer Portal, or Dashboard Documentation here. Dedicated Customer Yes for enterprise Yes for enterprise Yes; CSM will manage Is a CSM provided? Two levels of training, ICB Yes Success Manager customers customers implementation for clients managed services and support. GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2 GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2 Regulatory compliances GDPR, HIPAA, HITRUST GDPR, HIPAA, HITRUST, Compliance SOC 2 GDPR, SOC 2 the supplier meets (with MVP), PCI, SOC 2 PCI, SOC 2 Roadmap: PCI Roadmap: HITRUST IntelePeer has built solutions and feature capabilities that will ease development for customers. Customers can choose It is important that the IntelePeer managed partner or prospect CPaaS products require a services or use the understand that Caveats additional considerations measure of development IntelePeer platform as n/a development (whether in- n/a n/a effort from the customer. part of their house or third-party) is infrastructure. needed to use this platform. Ability to scale automation and communications is easy with IntelePeer based on the network that other CPaaS providers can't offer. Located in 62+ countries 5+ years creating with 600+ operator carrier communications platforms CPaaS capabilities tie into connections. for businesses to RingCentral's UCaaS personalize their CX. offering (UCPaaS). Allows Tier 1 carrier-grade businesses to use a single Suite of CPaaS technology 100% cloud-native with network offers 100% Pre-packaged solutions trusted business phone services owned by 8x8 active/active global reach giving customers with low/no code number, one platform, and Full tech stack to takes advantage of infrastructure offering and partners access to capabilities that bolt onto one set of APIs for all complement any client worldwide network 100% uptime SLA while every mobile phone on the unique features of the existing UC/CC/IVR to UCaaS and CPaaS needs. needs. Global reach, Differentiators infrastructure. Best-of- combining all offerings planet. provider automate conversational exible pricing, and the breed CPaaS APIs and into a single screen. customer journeys. One source for best video API on the SDKs ranging from SMS to Complete CPaaS solution communications data and market. Video; includes robust Priced transparently for with omni-channel support Robust analytics on- interactions with WebRTC analytics tool. easy-to-forecast cost. and administrative self- demand. Multiple customers, ensuring service dashboard. languages. Machine uniform enforcement of learning. Supported by data retention and Sinch enables 600B IntelePeer's managed compliance. customer engagements services team. per year.